New Generation ERP XoroONE

XoroONE is a cloud based ERP system for small and medium sized businesses in the apparel and consumer products industries. Enjoy features such as omni-channel connectivity, sophisticated inventory controls, full accounting suite, warehouse management, production & manufacturing modules, business reporting and more


Inventory Management

XoroONE will turn you into an ERP pro in no time. Easily enter orders and manage your inventory including quick stock reports, low unit alerts, sales history and more


E-Commerce & EDI

XoroONE connects your inventory to leading B2C & B2B platforms syncing information in real time. Trade with EDI partners? No problem with XoroONE. Use our preferred EDI partners for passing EDI files instantly

Shipping & Fulfillment

XoroONE can be used to manage your own fulfillment or connect to external 3PL warehouse software. Rate shop using third party providers and make shipping a breeze


Cloud Based

XoroONE is 100% cloud based. No clunky VPN’s or remote server access. Connect to XoroONE from any device anywhere in the world. Our sophisticated servers and redundant backup plans ensures that your data is safe

Email & Notifications

XoroONE features a sophisticated email and notification system. Message your internal team about rush orders, email invoices for online payments and more


There isn’t need to manage a separate accounting suite outside of your ERP anymore. XoroONE features a full accounting suite baked right in. Get valuable information such as AR, AP, bank, and credit card balances right on your dashboard. Your accountant will love it!


Stay ahead of the curve and make informed business decisions with our powerful analytics and intelligence reporting. Build customized reports on the fly and see exactly what is driving your productivity


Manage your warehouse using XoroONE’s built-in module to Receive, Pick, Pack, and Ship orders


Create Work Orders for a production environment to track your labor, costs, and sales

Logistic Products Grade System

Logistic Grade System


Hi there. Today I will explain to the grade system for logistics companies. Companies using this system can see the features and spesific information their products in stock. Actually this system is a basic but prima facie it might be complicated.

What is the Grade System: Used for product portfolio and inventory management, to determine the criteria for the purpose of stock movements and is used to perform data load. Grade; such as the meaning ratings, the actual situation of the qualification, benchmarking.

Evaluated Grade 4 different categories.

  • A Grade: In the case of actual or systemic product in this category is no issue. This products can be sold or manipulation to customer.
  • B Grade: Product Sales is appropriate, but it may need to manipulation of the process.
  • C Grade: Product Sales are not appropriate.  It need to manipulation of the process.
  • D Grade: Red Product. This products sales are not appropriate. Red is the case of disposal of the product or products to be sent for recycling.


      Q. Control: This products have to control by the quality control department for grade status. It is not suitable for sale before the end of operations.


Grade system  are determined by Radio Frequency Devices (RF) (terminals). Serial number of product have been scan for determined grade status When saved data load instantly moved to live or ERP programs. This data can be displayed in any report in the ERP program. In particular, the actual status of the products Stock Report provides convenience for users can be seen.

Before the sale product, can not be sold outside of it,  after sale, sold operators to give information, to the reservation system and is used in many areas such as use of FIFO.