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AQUATON ТМ – disinfectant of complex activity with flocculate properties

AQUATON ТМ – disinfectant of complex activity with flocculate properties

Reagent Aquaton has bactericidal, fungicidal, virulecidal action and also possesses the properties of cationic flocculates. It is highly effective to cholera vibrio. Aquaton – reagent of complex activity (ability for removing heavy metals and organic compounds from water) containing biocide polymer compounds.
Active substance – biocide polymer.
Preparatory form – solution (30% concentrate).
Preparation has prolonged bactericidal, fungicidal, virulecidal action. It inactivates microbes, including tuberculosis, fungi, viruses including polio-, adeno-, hepatitis B, herpes, encephalitic, grippe, AIDS and others.

  • Aquaton belongs to III – IV class of little-toxic compounds (GOST 12.1.007-76);
  • Does not cause the sensibility of organism, irritation of skin and mucous;
  • Does not show cumulative, mutagenic, carcinogenic, gonadotropic and terratogenic effect ;
  • odorless;
  • not volatile (allow disinfecting in the presence of people and not to use the traditional methods of eyes and mucous protection of personnel while using the working solutions);
  • not aggressive to different materials (doesn’t make any clothes colorless, not corrosive, doesn’t damage polymer, latex and other materials);
  • doesn’t have any other by-effects.

Sphere of application
Aquaton is applied:

  • in water preparation as disinfectant with flocculate properties;
  • to treat capacities for water storage;
  • to disinfect water in local systems of water treatment;
  • to treat and disinfect water in swimming pools, technical water;
  • to rinse filters complete with membrane, sorption and other filter equipment.

Note: Before application with aim of water disinfecting it is needed to make all necessary water analyses to determine essential Aquaton concentration! These works should be done by skilled specialists.

To effective application of Aquaton previously it is necessary to prepare 1% solution (main solution) of it, keep it within 24 hours and use only after it.

It is provided as concentrate in polyethylene jerricans of 0,5, 1, and 5 liters.
Working solutions of needed concentration are prepared with watering the measured quantity of concentrate.

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Public Administration

Topic 1:

Public administration as a branch of science is the sphere of humanities knowledge, and also is connected with a lot of other sciences: history, sociology, psychology, political science, juridical science, economics, ethics, cultural studies.

Social governance is purposeful influence on society for its regulation, improvement and development.

Management is identified as deliberate influence on a complex system.

Object of research of PA as a science is activity of public authorities.

Subject matter of PA as a science consists of 3 groups of issues:

  • organization of public administration at various levels – central, regional and local;
  • techniques and methods of public administration (developing of decision-making theory, political forecasting, methods of PA);
  • problem of recruitment and training of officials.

Topic 2:

State power is an instrument providing existence of state and achievement of its objectives, through the power and methods implemented to ensure common and private needs, realize functions of regulation and resolve conflicts in society.

Public authority (government body) is an important element of organizational structure of public administration. It is an entity of state power structure, formally established by the state to perform its objectives and functions, and is connected with forming and implementation of government controlling actions.

Management unit is an independent element of management structure, for example, structural units or officials, which performs one or more management functions.

A certain management level should be considered as totality of management units that occupy a definite level in the management system. At the same management level, the division of competence between units is implemented.

Functions of PA are integrated controlling actions of Government, which are carried out according to the legislation by specially created executive authorities by means of specific methods in order to implement the tasks of PA.

Topic 3:

Government regulation of economy is a system of arrangements for realization of compensating and regulating Government activity in order to create appropriate conditions for market functioning and solve social and economic problems of national economy development.

Direct methods of GRE influence on the functioning of the market entities using administrative tools and economic instruments of direct impact (state orders, public contracts, grants, subsidy, subvention, Licensing, quotas, fixed prices for goods and tariffs for services, state standards and specifications).

Indirect methods of GRE are a set of indirect means of state influence on the activities of economic entities (system of legal and economic methods) through the creation of a particular economic environment that forces them to act in the right direction.

Fiscal policy consists of deliberate (обдуманный) changes in government spending and tax collections designed to achieve full employment, control inflation, and encourage economic growth.

Monetary policy consists of deliberate changes in the money supply to influence interest rates and thus the total level of spending in the economy.

Social policy is an activity of Government which is provided for Regulation of social conditions of society members life in order to increase their well-being, eliminate market failures and provide Social justice.

Topic 4:

Republic is one of the polity types in terms of which all supreme government bodies are either elected or formed by nationwide representative institutions.

Parliament is a supreme nationwide representative and legislative body in the government system of the state.

Executive power is irreplaceable attribute of the state-power mechanism, based on the principle of separation of powers. It`s expressed in the activities of special subjects with executive authorities, and is represented in the state-power mechanism by executive bodies.

Legislatures (legislative bodies) are elected assemblies in charge of the approval of draft legislation.

Topic 5:

Regional policy is extremely necessary for every Government in order to avoid significant imbalances in regional economic structure of the state and social problems.

Regional government is organizational, legal and economic measures, provided by state government in regional development according to current and strategic goals.

Region is consolidated by national legislation, occupy a level below the level of the state and have political Self-government.

Depressed areas are certain regions, where the indicators of socio-economic development fall behind the national standards or average figures.

Topic 6:

Verkhovna Rada is 450 People’s Deputies, who are elected on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage, by secret ballot for the term of five years

Supreme Court of Ukraine is the highest judicial body in the system of courts of general jurisdiction.

President of Ukraine is the Head of State and acts in its name. The President is the guarantor of state sovereignty and territorial indivisibility of Ukraine, the observance of the Constitution of Ukraine and human and citizens’ rights and freedoms (Article 102).

Topic 7:

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is the highest authority in the system of bodies of executive power. The Cabinet of Ministers is responsible to the President and the Verkhovna Rada (Article 113).

Ministries are Central Bodies of Executive power that provide forming and implementing of state policy in one or more areas. Other CBEP perform certain functions on implementing of state policy.

Topic 8:

         Local state administration is a local body of executive power, which exercises executive power within its authority on the territory of certain administrative unit, as well as implements authority delegated by the respective council.

Topic 9:

Local self-government is the right and ability of a territorial community to resolve issues of local character independently (directly) or under the responsibility of authorities and officials of Local self-government.

Territorial community is an aggregation of inhabitants united by permanent residence within a village, settlement, city that is a separate administrative unit, or a voluntary association of inhabitants of several villages with a certain administrative center.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an aircraft that carries no human pilot or passengers. UAVs sometimes called “drones”  can be fully or partially autonomous but are more often controlled remotely by a human pilot.  

This research has contributed to the public discussion on the use of drones for warfare and surveillance.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drones Market has seen tremendous growth in the past five years and as the new players are entering into market with latest innovation and cost effective methods, the market is expected to grow tremendously during the forecast period. North America is one of the technologically advance region which is driving the market growth however growing Asian regions such as China and India is also fueling the market.

If you are interest in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drones industry or intend to be, then this study will provide you comprehensive outlook.

This research will also give you information different models UAV technology.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle download PDF

Yaroslav The Wise

This work is about Prince Yaroslav who marked by the historic of character Ukraine and Russia in the reign of successful and accurate decisions by giving the date.

With this study, you will learn about Yaroslav’s life, leadership, values he added to Ukrainian history, successful decisions and unsuccessful decisions. You will learn how Yaroslavy succeeded by using his forward-thinking intelligence and family relations in the country’s administration.

Yaroslaw The Wise PDF Download

Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts Of Turkey

Country BankAccount NameIBANTYPE
TURKEY EN PARAISMAIL TOSUN TR80 0011 1000 0000 0071 1239 30 TRY
TURKEY FINANS BANKISMAIL TOSUNTR30 0011 1000 0000 0067 0782 81TRY
TURKEY ING BANKESMA TOSUNTR81 0009 9013 3187 5500 1000 02 TRY
TURKEY AK BANKESMA TOSUNTR51 0004 6005 7288 8000 0774 19 TRY
TURKEYGARANTIESMA TOSUNTR95 0006 2000 1370 0006 6588 31 TRY

International Bank Account ( USD)

International Bank Account ( EURO)

International Bank Account (GBP)

State budget deficit and ways of its compensation

National Technical University – Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute

State budget deficit and ways of its compensation





This economic research is a detailed study of the budget deficit in the international area. it allows you to examine in detail how the countries balance their budget deficit for their own nations.


We may also agree that you can understand many definitions simply and how important the budget deficit is for the global economy.


You can learn how they are taking measures and how they solve this problem, especially when the budget deficit or budget surplus occurs in the economies of developed countries. This study is based on the articles of many researchers on how to balance the national budget.


It provides detailed research on how to balance these budgets by addressing the general budget deficits of many countries such as the United States, Kingdom of England, Greece and Brazil.


You will see that states are concentrating on definitions that are considered structural and cyclic to achieve a balance of budget deficit.


You will find that countries can manage their economic growth through fiscal policies, such as reducing their economic expenses and increasing taxes, by eliminating their expenditures and keeping them in balance.

PDF: Budget Deficit and ways of its compensation