Environmental protection, improvement and development; Accessing environmental data and information, reflecting current and reliable environmental data and information to decision-making mechanisms is also very important in terms of achieving sustainable development.

You can see this maps which cities issues of pollution to Turkey country.

The below expression colors of pollution type on the maps.

Red color areas Air Pollution

Blue Color areas Water Pollution

Brown color areas Soil Pollution

Pink color areas Wastes

Purple color areas noise pollution

Dark green areas  Destruction of the natural environment.


As a result, it is seen that air pollution, water pollution and wastes are in the top priority of the problems.

In Turkey studies on prioritizing environmental problems compared to many years; Although air pollution has shown a decreasing trend between 1999 and 2008, recent studies have suggested that air pollution is a priority issue.

as it shows us. When we look at the priority regarding water pollution and wastes,

Although it shows an increasing trend, it is observed that it has decreased with the recent studies.

Knowing the priorities of these problems the future-oriented solution of the provinces in the planning of our natural resources ensuring optimum use and reduction of environmental pollution Use; environmental value added will be important for the creation. In addition, national problems other policies and other common future in stakeholder institutions implementation plans for solution goals is required.

As the country’s top priority problem air pollution as the first use of poor quality fuel prevention of environmentally friendly fuels and renewable energy  sources  measures to encourage should be taken.


Water pollution is one of the main reasons Discharge to receiving environments without purification of area domestic wastewater in agricultural activities rotating drainage waters, suitable for disposal and as a result of improperly disposed industry waste and domestic solid waste control with solutions and Suitable treatment technologies for remediation wastes into the environment It should be ensured. With regard to waste, financial resources by providing regular landfills should be increased. Same time increase awareness of municipalities and need to be raised.

Unplanned urbanization problem of our Ministry emphasis on infrastructure, infrastructure correction of non-skewed urbanization and threatening to the environment in order not to allow construction work on new  projects It continues. In addition to all these public awareness work is required.