AQUATON ТМ – disinfectant of complex activity with flocculate properties

AQUATON ТМ – disinfectant of complex activity with flocculate properties

Reagent Aquaton has bactericidal, fungicidal, virulecidal action and also possesses the properties of cationic flocculates. It is highly effective to cholera vibrio. Aquaton – reagent of complex activity (ability for removing heavy metals and organic compounds from water) containing biocide polymer compounds.
Active substance – biocide polymer.
Preparatory form – solution (30% concentrate).
Preparation has prolonged bactericidal, fungicidal, virulecidal action. It inactivates microbes, including tuberculosis, fungi, viruses including polio-, adeno-, hepatitis B, herpes, encephalitic, grippe, AIDS and others.

  • Aquaton belongs to III – IV class of little-toxic compounds (GOST 12.1.007-76);
  • Does not cause the sensibility of organism, irritation of skin and mucous;
  • Does not show cumulative, mutagenic, carcinogenic, gonadotropic and terratogenic effect ;
  • odorless;
  • not volatile (allow disinfecting in the presence of people and not to use the traditional methods of eyes and mucous protection of personnel while using the working solutions);
  • not aggressive to different materials (doesn’t make any clothes colorless, not corrosive, doesn’t damage polymer, latex and other materials);
  • doesn’t have any other by-effects.

Sphere of application
Aquaton is applied:

  • in water preparation as disinfectant with flocculate properties;
  • to treat capacities for water storage;
  • to disinfect water in local systems of water treatment;
  • to treat and disinfect water in swimming pools, technical water;
  • to rinse filters complete with membrane, sorption and other filter equipment.

Note: Before application with aim of water disinfecting it is needed to make all necessary water analyses to determine essential Aquaton concentration! These works should be done by skilled specialists.

To effective application of Aquaton previously it is necessary to prepare 1% solution (main solution) of it, keep it within 24 hours and use only after it.

It is provided as concentrate in polyethylene jerricans of 0,5, 1, and 5 liters.
Working solutions of needed concentration are prepared with watering the measured quantity of concentrate.

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